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Two Lift Methods for Toyota Land Cruiser 100

Land Cruiser 100 Articles

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Two Lift Methods for Toyota Land Cruiser 100

A suspension lift improves running; a body lift improves styling!

Land Cruiser 100

Suspension lift or body lift?

One of the most standard customizations asked for on the Land Cruiser 100 is a body lift. By changing the tires and wheels and lifting them up, you can achieve an impressive style upgrade. There are two ways to lift up the Land Cruiser 100. One is to replace the shock absorbers and springs with extended parts that will increase the overall length of the suspension. Another popular modification is a body lift, which raises the body while customizing the suspension by inserting a spacer between the frame and the body to increase the vehicle height.

It is possible to mount larger diameter tires in order to lift the body.

Because the Land Cruiser has a ladder frame, it is possible to do a body lift on the vehicle. This is true of the 80 series, the 100 series and the 200 series. The purpose of customizing the suspension is to make improvements to the styling of the vehicle. Another factor is that the larger wheelhouse space give you room to increase the tire diameter. With a body lift, you can raise the vehicle through the suspension, which gives you room to add larger tires.

Land Cruiser 100 Land Cruiser 100

Keep in mind a body lift changes the performance.

If you change your Land Cruiser 100 or buy a lifted used one, there are some things to keep in mind about the ride performance. The body lift is more for cosmetic purposes than for improved off-road performance. A lift gives you room to add bigger tires, but larger tires will reduce the engine torque and raise the center of gravity, which can lead to instability off-road or on highway curves. Since you are increasing the weight in the wheel area, you might find that it is harder to make quick movements due to the shallower steering angle. This can make it difficult to maneuver on narrow roads. As far as the engine torque reduction, we can modify the transmission and differential gear ratio to meet the tire’s diameter, but it does add to the cost of the customization.

Style or performance?

While a body lift will affect the off-road experience, there are benefits, too. There is an increase in ground clearance that could keep the bumpers from hitting the ground. There can be extremes in body lifts like the lift on the Bigfoot monster truck found in the American monster truck competitions. It has the ability to go over obstacles without hitting the underside of the vehicle. When considering a body lift, remember that the modification is a fine balance between styling and drivability.

On the other hand, a suspension lift offers an improvement on driving performance rather than the flashy style of a body lift. The Land Cruiser 100 has a combination of torsion bar springs and an independent front suspension, which only allows for about 2-inches of lift. The actual lift amount is determined by the increase in the tire diameter. There are many types of custom springs for the suspension to choose from for both on and off-road performance.

Which custom do you choose? Suspension only or body lift custom?

Which custom used car would you buy?

The decision you make will be based on what lifestyle you want from your Land Cruiser 100.

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