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Toyota Land Cruiser 100: A Straight-6 Diesel Engine that has Reached Maturity

Land Cruiser 100 Articles

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Toyota Land Cruiser 100: A Straight-6 Diesel Engine that has Reached Maturity

Land Cruiser 100’s diesel engine has its start in the Land Cruiser 40 series.

The first diesel engine in a Land Cruiser was placed into the Land Cruiser 40, but not the well-known short-body 40 series; it was placed into the 1972 HJ45 long wheelbase 2-door model. It took Toyota 13 years after the 40’s debut to get a diesel engine. This H-type motor was a straight inline-6 3,576cc OHV capable of 90 horsepower.

The inline-6 diesel engine is inherited from the Land Cruiser 40, 60, 80 series.

The 1HID-FTE straight-6 diesel engine that was installed into the Land Cruiser 100 is a direct descendant of the H-type motor from the HJ45. While the Land Cruiser 40 series (both short and mid-sized) were initially equipped with a straight inline-6 gasoline-powered F-type motor, Toyota added the straight inline-4 B diesel engine as an option to these vehicles for the domestic market in 1974. The straight 6 H-type engine was suitable for heavy-duty use and was included as an option in the station wagon-style Land Cruiser 60 series, the Land Cruiser 80 series with its updated technology packages, and the King of Off-Road: the Land Cruiser 100 series.

Land Cruiser 100

The evolution of the diesel includes a 4-cylinder turbo.

The Land Cruiser’s straight inline-6 diesel engine has a direct injection turbo in the Land Cruiser 60 series, but in the Land Cruiser 80 series, Toyota wanted a higher rotation, so they changed the shape of the combustion chamber by replacing the OHV with an OHC. In the Land Cruiser 100 series, Toyota boosted the number of intake and exhaust valves per cylinder from 2 to 4 on their turbo. They combined that increase with electronic control to achieve high-efficiency and high-output.

Equipped vehicle (vehicle model) Number of cylinders/valve mechanism/displacement
H-type Land Cruiser 40 series (HJ45) Inline 6・OHV・3,567cc
2H type Land Cruiser 60 series (HJ60) Inline 6・OHV・3,980cc
12H-T type Land Cruiser 60 series (HJ61) Inline 6・OHV・3,980cc
1HZ type Land Cruiser 80 series (HZJ81) Inline 6・OHC・4,163cc
1HD-T type Land Cruiser 80 series (HDJ81) Inline 6 turbo, OHC, 4163cc
1HD-FT type Land Cruiser 80 series (HDJ81) Inline 6 turbo, OHC, 4163cc
1HD-FTE type Land Cruiser 100 series (HDJ101) Inline 6 turbo, OHC, 4163cc
Land Cruiser 100

The Land Cruiser 100 straight 6-diesel is still used in 70 series today.

The last straight-6 diesel, the 1HD-FTE, for the domestic market was installed in the Land Cruiser 100, and it remains a popular choice within the global marketplace. The Land Cruiser 100 has earned its toughness reputation in the world today because of this powerhouse. The Land Cruiser 200 series is only equipped with V8 gasoline-powered engines for the domestic market. However, the 1HD-FTE diesel motor is still being installed in the overseas edition of the Land Cruiser 70 series, which also has a model equipped with a V8 diesel engine 1VD-FTV type. The 1VD-FTV type can also be found in the export model Land Cruiser 200 series, and it remains popular in some countries.

You can find more information about the overall Land Cruiser 100 series specs in this article.