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Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Features

Land Cruiser 100 Articles

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Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Features

The Land Cruiser 100 series surpasses the luxury sedans

The Land Cruiser 100 comes from a long line of rugged off-road vehicles known for their performance on rough terrain. The 100 series combines this toughness with the luxury of a high-end vehicle. Each Land Cruiser generation has added more and more luxury to its interior and comfort, but the Land Cruiser 100 surpasses the previous generations like the 60 series and the 80 series when it comes to craftsmanship. The 100 series offers two engines: a 4.7-liter V8 gas engine and a 4.2-liter straight inline-6 diesel turbo adopted from the 80 series HC-FT-type. While there have been other evolutions from generation to generation, the 100 series has been equipped with a front independent suspension – the first in Land Cruiser history – and an expanded body.

Handling has evolved significantly from the Land Cruiser 100’s predecessors.

With the larger body, the interior space has been greatly increased as opposed to the past practice of widening the body through use of fender flairs that added style, but did nothing to increase the interior space. This spacious interior has the feel of luxury throughout. From the two-tone dashboard to the genuine leather seats, or high-quality moquette fabric seats, to the woodgrain front console in the VX Limited, everything is designed to impress. The handling has been improved over the previous model, thanks in part to the front double wishbone suspension. The wide tread tires offer more stability, too.

The 100 series is made for a high level performance for both on and off road.

Since the Land Cruiser is known for its off-road capabilities, the 100 series is capable of full-time 4WD. It operates in AWD, but with a push of a button, you can lock the center differential and engage the 4WD. The Land Cruiser 100 offers optional equipment like an electronic rear differential lock and an electric winch. In addition, the Active Height Control (AHC) can adjust the vehicle height, either arbitrarily or automatically, by about 90mm/3.5433 inches. The Skyhook TEMS instantly adjusts the damping force of the shock absorber based on the conditions of the road surface, which offers a high level of on and off road performance. These features are standard equipment in the VX Limited G Selection and optional on the VX Limited.

There is a large selection of used vehicles to choose from.

Due to its popularity, there are a lot of used Land Cruiser 100s on the market. The first model was introduced in 1998, and because it has been well-built and made for extreme conditions, as long as the vehicle was properly maintained, you can still find 100 series models that are just as durable today as they were then. During this generation, there has been little change in the engine, suspension, 4WD and other mechanical parts.

Land Cruiser 100 Body Color

7 Colors for choose from each era

In addition to the standard monotone colors like White Pearl Mica, Warm Silver Metallic and Gray Mica Metallic, we have a lineup of seven colors derived from previous eras. Dark colors like Medium Gray Metallic, which is dark blue, Dark Green Mica, and Red Mica were popular in the early to mid-term models. In the middle to late-term models, you will find colors like Gold Mica Metallic and Grayish Blue Metallic, which is a light blue.

Land Cruiser 100 Specifications

Here is a brief summary of the specifications. You can find more information about the overall Land Cruiser 100 series specs in this article.

Wagon VX UZJ100W 2005 model Van VX Limited HDJ100W 2005 model Wagon VX Limited G-selection UZJ100W 2005 model
Full length 192.52 inches 192.52 inches 192.52 inches
Width 76.38 inches 76.38 inches 76.37 inches
Height 73.62 inches 73.62 inches 73.62 inches
Wheelbase 112.20 inches 112.20 inches 112.20 inches
Tread Front/1,620mm Rear/1,615mm
Ground clearance 8.66 inches
Vehicle weight 5,049 pounds 5,490 pounds 5,159 pounds
Boarding capacity Five people 2 (5) people 8 persons
Format Water-cooled V8 DOHC Gasoline・4,663cc Water-cooled in-line 6-cylinder OHC diesel turbo 4,163cc Water-cooled V8 DOHC Gasoline・4,663cc
Compression ratio 9.6:1 18.5:1 9.6:1
Maximum output 173KW (235PS) /4,800rpm 144KW (196PS) /3,200rpm 173KW (235PS) /4,800rpm
Maximum torque 422N・m (43.0kgm) /3,600rpm 431N・m (44.0kgm) /1,200~3,200rpm 422N・m (43.0kgm) /3,600rpm
Fuel/tank capacity Gasoline/25.4 gallons Diesel/25.4 gallons Gasoline/25.4 gallons
Transmission type 5 speed AT 5 speed AT 5 speed AT
Gear ratio 1st gear: 3.520 2nd gear: 2.042 3rd gear: 1.400 4th gear: 1.000 5th gear: 0.716 Retracted: 3.224 1st gear: 3.520 2nd gear: 2.042 3rd gear: 1.400 4th gear: 1.000 5th gear: 0.716 Retracted: 3.224 1st gear: 3.520 2nd gear: 2.042 3rd gear: 1.400 4th gear: 1.000 5th gear: 0.716 Retracted: 3.224
Drive system Full-time 4WD with center differential lock
Auxiliary gear ratio 1.000/2.488
Final reduction ratio 4.1 3.909 4.1
Steering type Rack and pinion type
Suspension Front: Double wishbone torsion bar spring Rear: Rigid axle type coil spring
Main brake Ventilated disc (front and back)
Tire size 275/70R16 275/65R17 275/65R17
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price when new $28,251.42 USD $31,047.13 USD $34.725.21 USD