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14 Recommended Brands of Retrofit Headlights for Toyota Tacoma

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14 Recommended Brands of Retrofit Headlights for Toyota Tacoma

If you want your Toyota Tacoma to stand out from the crowd, the quickest way to do that is to change the headlights. To help you find the right headlights, we have compiled a list of retrofit headlights for the Tacoma that we recommend.

Here are our favorite Toyota retrofit headlights:

1. Alpha Owls

Alpha Owls

Photo by alphaowls.com

Alpha Owls from California specializes in headlights like crystal, projector, and LED projector lamps that offer improved visibility. They carry a selection of headlights for the Tacoma, like the LMP Series consisting of crystal or Halogen projector lamps and the Quad-Pro Series of projector headlights that use multiple projectors for their beam.

2. AlphaRex®


Photo by alpharexusa.com

AlphaRex® has been designing and manufacturing headlamps for over 20 years, and their innovative approach to the process has resulted in products like the patented NOVA-Series LED and LUXX-Series headlights. They offer both headlights and taillights for the Tacoma, and the LUXX-Series is available as a projector LED or a crystal headlight. You can choose from several styles and colors.

3. Aspire™ Auto Accessories

Aspire™ Auto Accessories

Photo by aspireautoaccessories.com

Aspire™ Auto Accessories is a California manufacturer and distributor of upgraded automotive accessories for various vehicles, including the Tacoma. You’ll find LD headlights and fog lights, halogen headlights and fog lights, marker lights, and other headlamp kits for your Tacoma. Everything designed is a plug-and-play installation, so you know the headlamps will fit.

4. Attica 4×4

Attica 4x4

Photo by tacomabeast.com

Attica 4×4 is an off-road aftermarket company specializing in the ultimate off-road experience. Attica 4×4 designs and engineers high-quality Tacoma parts and accessories, including the Rogue Series headlights for the 2016-2023 model years. The Rogue Series features a sleek, low-profile design built with the AtticaSOL LED chip.

5. AutoLamp USA

AutoLamp is known for their LUNEX car bulbs, which they design, manufacture, and distribute. They offer halogen, LED, and high-quality xenon bulbs for many makes and models, including the Toyota Tacoma. They are located in the U.K., and products are available worldwide.

6. CO +

CO +

Photo by tacomabeast.com

CO + offers aftermarket lighting like Infinite Full LED DRL headlights, Infinity tail lights, and a TRD PRO style light bar grille. You’ll find everything you need to upgrade the look of your Toyota Tacoma from CO +. Their products fit years 2016-2023.

7. Form Lighting

Form Lighting

Photo by formlights.com

Form Lighting offers aftermarket LED headlights and tail light replacements for the Tacoma that are premium-style LED lighting solutions at an affordable price. From Sequential LED projector headlights to LED projector headlights to LED reflector headlights, you’ll find a variety of Tacoma headlights to suit your lifestyle.

8. Meso Customs

Meso Customs

Photo by tacomalifestyle.com

You’ll find replacement lower fill plates for the Tacoma headlights in color-matched auto-grade paint at Meso Customs. They designed a fill plate to correct what they saw as a design flaw in the Tacoma and replaced the finned plate with something functional. This trim plate gives your Tacoma a more aggressive appearance.

9. Morimoto


Photo by morimotohid.com

Morimoto Lighting offers high-intensity lighting options for your Tacoma. They opened their doors in 2008 and began to fill the gap in quality lighting products in the aftermarket industry. Their lighting includes retrofit LED and HID projectors, LED Halos, and hybrid headlights for your Tacoma.

10. Spyder Auto

Spyder Auto

Photo by spyderauto.com

Spyder Auto offers quality projector headlights for the Toyota Tacoma. Choose from LED Halo lights in black or chrome, LED projector lights in black or chrome, and other Spyder Signature models for your year. Each headlight is made to meet OEM standard quality and directly replace the factory lights.



Photo by tacomabeast.com

TacomaBeast carries a line of the best retrofit headlamps on the market, including Spyder Auto, Alpha Rex, and Meso Customs. When it comes to all your headlamp choices in one place, TCMBST is your one-stop shopping site.

12. TCMBST Light Kit

TacomaBeast is also home to a quality selection of interior light kits for your Tacoma. They carry Meso Customs, VLEDs, and TCMBST light kits. TCMBST light kits, from dome to map and footwell lamps, are made to illuminate your interior.



Photo by vleds.com

VELDS produces the ultimate LED low-beam headlight for your Tacoma. It has a crisp, focused beam pattern and 5000LM output. The high beam headlamp is designed to blend perfectly with the Toyota reflector for a smooth appearance. VLEDS has been in business since 2005 and is one of the biggest name brands in LED lighting. They use cutting-edge technology and engineer their products themselves.

14. Winjet Automotive

Winjet Automotive

Photo by winjetinc.com

Winjet Automotive saw a need for top-quality aftermarket lighting solutions, so they set out to fulfill that need. Their innovative styling adds character to every set of lamps. They carry retrofit LED tail lights and fog lights for the Tacoma.


If you’re ready to add a retrofit set of headlights to your Tacoma, we hope this list of recommendations will help you decide. We’re here to answer any of your questions about retrofit parts, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you need more information on replacing your headlights, read our article on retrofitting headlights.

Julie Cleveland

Julie Cleveland

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