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How to Retrofit a Land Cruiser 100 to FJ60 Specifications: Popular Renovation Cars in Japan

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How to Retrofit a Land Cruiser 100 to FJ60 Specifications: Popular Renovation Cars in Japan

A popular renovation from Japan is gaining a following in the United States. Why not retrofit a Land Cruiser 100 into an FJ60?

Why Is FJ60 So Popular?

The FJ60 has captured the attention of younger buyers with some experts saying that the boom could be because these vehicles remind the buyers of vehicles their parents drove. That nostalgic yearning has Gen-Xers and Millennials making up 90% of the insurance quotes for 81-89 FJ60s according to Hagerty.com. Of course, with increased interest comes an increased price on the remaining models on the market.

In 2017, Autoweek.com published an article on how the FJ60s were poised to become the hottest SUV on the U.S. market. Thanks to its spacious interior and the power of the robust FJ40 engine, it delivered the roomy interior and power that Americans crave in their automobiles.

Land Cruiser/FJ 60 at FLEX in Japan

From its California cult following to mainstream Middle America garages, the FJ60 has made a name for itself across the nation. While doing so, it has become more expensive to buy and rarer to find. Some of these vehicles have not fared well when it comes to weather and rust, particularly those that were found in the Midwest where they salt the roads and along the coastlines. Anywhere there is salt, there is a rusting 60 Series.

If you’re looking for an FJ60, then read Your Guide to Finding the Perfect FJ60 for Sale for tips on how to locate and buy this sought-after SUV.

There is a lot of advice online that points buyers toward the 100 Series when it comes to buying a used Land Cruiser since a good used 60 Series is hard to find. However, what do you do if you don’t like the plain looks of the Land Cruiser 100? Yes, it’s a Land Cruiser, but it’s easily mistaken for any number of other SUVs on the road from the late 1990s and mid-2000s.

A white Land Cruiser/FJ 60 at FLEX in Japan

The very first Land Cruiser could stare you down with its round headlights, and it never lost that look from the 1950s until 1988 when the 60 Series received a pair of square headlights for the U.S. market losing some of its aggressive appearance.

While Toyota left the round headlights on the 70 Series for the rest of the world, the 70 Series did not make it to the shores of the United States. However, the 70 Series is making an appearance in the Japanese and U.S. market with the 2024 models. The latest 70 Series offers a retro package that includes round headlights in addition to the more modern square headlights. The new 2024 70 Series has a price tag in the $70,000 range.

If you want the look of the FJ60 at a more modest price, consider the Renoca from FLEX Motors.

Renoca, a Custom Complete Brand

Before after of the four Renoca models

FLEX specializes in Toyota Land Cruisers and Hiace in Japan, and after 55-plus years, they have become the number one Land Cruiser dealership in Japan. It is from this beginning that the Renoca was conceived.

The FLEX’s Renoca is a brand in itself. The name is a blend of the words “renovation and car” and the innovation of FLEX Motors. It began in 2017 when FLEX began retrofitting vehicles with their custom body kits to develop a Land Cruiser like no other.

They now have a dealership in San Diego, California, and are introducing their Renocas to the States. As of 2024, we have 9 models in Japan and 4 models in San Diego, CA.

Renoca’s Concept

Founded in 1967 and headquartered in Tokyo, FLEX Inc. has become a pioneer in transforming high-quality vehicles into unique automotive masterpieces. FLEX Inc. currently holds around 18% of Japan’s market share, with over 1,000 customized Land Cruisers sold every year through their network of more than 50 dealerships across Japan.

At FLEX, the ideal vehicle is not just any used car—it’s an older model that has been expertly improved to exceed its original condition. FLEX tailors modern upgrades to suit the buyer’s personality and lifestyle, crafting distinctive vehicles that embody both the owner’s vision and FLEX’s commitment to excellence, without sacrificing the vehicle’s original purpose.

Renoca Phoenix by FLEX Automotive

The Renoca aims to redefine car culture by renovating a Toyota icon: the Land Cruiser. With an interior makeover and a classic facelift for the exterior, the Renoca car transcends being a mere status symbol; it represents a personal statement of individuality.

Creating a Renoca means building a lasting relationship with a vehicle designed for decades of enjoyment and adventures beyond city limits, promoting a new lifestyle. Doesn’t everyone want a place to get away to?


Renoca 106 by FLEX Automotive

The 106 is the result of FLEX marrying the best of the 100 Series to the best of the 60 Series. The 106 is a top-of-the-line Land Cruiser with a very retro look and feel to it. Gone is the unexciting 100 Series appearance as the 60 Series emerges with its distinctive round headlights and retro front grill. Our 106 combines original FLEX steel with the best of the 60 Series parts to create a modern SUV.


Renoca Wonder by FLEX Automotive

The 80 Series isn’t as every day as the 100 Series, but it’s pretty bland looking with its rectangular headlights and nondescript front end. That’s why we couldn’t let that stand, and created the Renoca Wonder. Now, the 80 Series has a new look and a new name.

The Renoca Wonder adds the historical look of the LC60 and beef up the body by bringing a monotone body style to the chassis that accentuates the body lines, bumpers, and roof lines. The Wonder delivers classics in a new package.


Renoca Phoenix by FLEX Automotive

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the Renoca Phoenix also has been given a new life. The base is an LC80 that is now graced with distinctive round headlights and an eye-catching two-tone paint scheme designed to draw your eye to the lines of the body. An old-style TOYOTA grill brings the design together leaving you nodding your head in approval.


Renoca Windansea by FLEX Automotive

Like the wind and the sea, the Renoca Windansea draws the strength of two powerhouses to give the rough and tumble Tacoma a new life as an image from the past with a vast future in front of it. With the introduction of a face from the 1980s, a large, powerful grill, and steel bumpers, this truck is made to exude Toyota’s legendary endurance and strength.

How is Renoca Made?

You already know that our desire to transcend mere status symbols and embrace your lifestyle is at the heart of the Renoca vehicle, so it’s time to tell you how we put these masterpieces together.

Before we dive in, watch the FLEX Automotive team build a Renoca 106 from a LX470. We invite you into our garage where you’ll see the transformation for yourself as we turn a rather ordinary Lexus LX470 into a spectacular Renoca 106.

When you get to the end of the short clip, you’ll understand how excited you’ll be when we roll up the garage door and let you see your new Renoca for the first time.

Once you’ve decided to embark on a journey with us to your custom Renoca, we ask you for your patience. As they say, good things come to those who wait, and the transformation from an everyday nondescript vehicle to a Renoca that turns heads can take anywhere between 13 and 23 weeks.

Our initial consultation is where we listen to you describe your perfect vehicle. We help you define your desires into tangible equipment and accessories, as well as work with you on budgets and financing options.

A staff consulting a customer at FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

From this point, we provide you with an estimate that can fluctuate based on availability, model conditions, and other factors that can affect the build price. Instead of sourcing a base vehicle, you can also bring your own. Here are the compatibility details for each model:

Renoca Models Base Models
106 Land Cruiser 100, LX470
Phoenix, Wonder Land Cruiser 80, LX450
Windansea Tacoma

We keep you up-to-date on the process, so you know what’s happening with your ultimate ride.

Once we secure the base vehicle, we do rigorous inspections to confirm the vehicle is up to our standards. The inspection process includes making repairs and reconditions to the vehicle, if necessary. Our only focus is on delivering an SUV that meets your requests and is worthy of our name.

The real magic starts during the Retrofitting Stage and takes between 8 and 12 weeks. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Dismantling the base vehicle and preparing it for transformation
  • Installation of the Renoca kit from Japan
  • Lift kit installation if requested
  • Painting
  • Finishing touches where we add accessories or options per your request
A mechanic creating a Renoca

We’re ready to do the interior on your Renoca at this point, which can take 3 to 7 weeks depending on your chosen features and options. Here are the steps we take during this phase:

  • Upgrade the interior seats, carpet, and audio system
  • Upgrade your steering wheel for better control
  • Additional requested advanced tech options are added now
  • Tires and wheels are upgraded
  • Roof racks and exterior accessories – if requested – are attached

We are always thrilled to turn over a new Renoca, and at this point in the process, we’re ready to hand you the keys to your exciting new ride.

Features of the Renoca 106

As mentioned, the Renoca 106 is a combination of a 100 Series and the LC60, which gives you a distinctive front grille, but with the modern conveniences and ride of the Land Cruiser 100.

Since so much is concentrated on the front end – no matter which vehicle it is – we create our kits to make this area the most prominent and pronounced of the entire body. With all eyes focused on the front, you can see why the 60 Series had such an appealing front end. We aim to give you the styling of the LC60 with the comfort of the LC100.

Retro Front End

Front end of a red Renoca 106

Our front end is of the same retro flavor that you’ll find in the early 80s models. The lines, the squared-off shape, and the dramatic grill all combine to make the Renoca 106 a distinctive Land Cruiser.

Of course, the round headlights focus their stare at the road ahead, and the turn signals are once again in the front instead of wrapped around the side of the hood like the 100 Series.

Grill and Headlight Bezels

Front end of a Renoca 106 at FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

We lose the newer three oval emblem and softened grill of the LC100 and replace it with the solid grill of the 60 series and plant the TOYOTA alpha-style emblem front and center. There is no mistaking the boldness of the logo and grill for any other SUV on the roads.

The bezels are the traditional round or square depending on the front grill you choose.


We give you a choice as to which style headlight you want on your Renoca 106. While most of the retro focus is on the rounded headlights – remember, Toyota is even offering the two headlight styles in the new 70 Series – we realize that there are fans of the square late 80s style headlights, so we offer both.


Round headlights on a Renoca 106 by FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

Our round headlights are straightforward with a clean bezel and signal lights set into the front smooth appearance.


Square headlights on a Renoca 106 by FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

Like the 80s style headlights in the 60 Series, the Renoca 106 has two rectangular headlights on each side surrounded by a trim bezel that encompasses the turn signal and side marker light. While it lacks the intense look of the round headlights, it is practical and delivers a solid presence.

Steel Bumper

Steel bumber on a Renoca 106 by FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

The bumper is revised to match the 60 Series and is made of steel in both headlight variations. With a wraparound bumper cover, the corners are smoothed out and the bumper has a compact, finished appearance. You have the option to paint the corners to match the body color. A tough bumper is needed for tough terrain.


Hood on a Renoca 106 by FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

While the LC100 had a slight hump in the hood center, reminiscent of the Jeep Wagoneer, our FLEX Renoca 106 has a distinctive rise in the center of the hood that follows lines back to the windshield. While it’s not a scoop, it may have people asking what’s under the hood.

Front Fender

Renoca 106 by FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

Like the hood, the front fender has a more pronounced appearance, which gives the 106 a powerful and solid stance with room to show off your wheels.

Body Color

Because color is everything, we offer the Renoca in a variety of colors, with something for everyone. We also offer retro stripes for those who are as bold as the new Renoca they are buying.


Choose from these vivid colors:

  • Grigioalloy
  • Mustard Yellow
  • White Silver
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Quick Sand
  • Beige
  • Arles Blue
  • Red
  • Pepper White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Diesel Green
  • Olive Green
  • Moon Walk Gray
  • Keswick Green
  • Anvil Gray
A black Renoca 106 by FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.


Here are the Renoca Wonder color options:

  • Wonder Black
  • White
  • Black
  • Diesel Green
  • Navy
A navy Renoca wonder by FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.


Here are the Renoca Phoenix color options:

  • Yellow & White
  • Sky Blue & White
  • Orange & White
  • Gray & White
  • Blue Metallic & White
  • Metallic Red & Cream
  • Olive Green & Cream
  • Metallic Brown & Cream
A Sky blue & White Phoenix by FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.


Our Renoca Windansea comes in your choice of the following colors:

  • Black
  • Silver Sky Metallic
  • Cement
  • Barcelona Red Metallic
  • Magnetic Gray Metallic
  • Super White
  • Blazing Blue Pearl
  • Quicksand
  • Inferno
A Quicksand Renoca Windansea by FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

Molding and Side Panels

Side panels on a Renoca 106 by FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

We upgrade the molding and the side panels to complete the look from the 80s and add stripes if you have requested them.


Rear side of a Renoca 106 by FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

The tailgate has a lift-up top and drop-down bottom for easy access to the rear compartment making it easy to slide cargo into the back of the vehicle.

Lighting with LED Option

How you see the road in your new Renoca is up to you. We offer two lighting choices that include normal lighting and LED for a wider field of vision with the normal light being the default choice.

Normal headlights

A Renoca Windansea with normal headlights by FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

LED headlights

A Renoca Windansea with LED headlights by FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

Stop by FLEX Automotive San Diego to see the Renoca Series

Now that you’re ready to find out more about the Renoca, our team of Land Cruiser experts is ready to listen to your ultimate Land Cruiser desire. We invite you to come to our San Diego location and take a look at the exciting inventory we have on hand. Of course, we’re always ready to sit down with you and talk about creating the custom Renoca that expresses your lifestyle and turns heads wherever you drive, too.

If you can’t stop by, then use the Contact Us form on our website. Let’s get you on the road to your new Renoca today.