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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect FJ60 for Sale

Land Cruiser 60 Articles

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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect FJ60 for Sale

The FJ60 took the world by storm and solidified its place in the history of the Land Cruiser. Very few are for sale, so let us help you find the perfect FJ60.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

The FJ60 is a station wagon body style released in 1981 and retired in 1987 with the introduction of the FJ62. Toyota’s 60 Series brought the Land Cruiser into the mainstream SUV market, focusing on driver and passenger comfort over its more traditional workhorse reputation. While still a formidable 4WD vehicle, FJ60 owners could now ride in the comfortable AC or heat and have power steering for navigating city streets.

Toyota offered a G package that gave the interior a boost by adding tilt wheel, intermittent windshield wipers, fabric seats, and more. There was even an optional headlight cleaner for tackling muddy trails.

Understanding the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

While it was a short-lived model, it significantly contributed to the Land Cruiser’s place in American history and culture.

Land Cruiser 60 series at FLEX in Japan

The Significance of the FJ60

The station wagon body style had only been used once during the LC50 lifespan. Still, with the FJ60, it became the cornerstone of the future of the Land Cruiser and replicated throughout the 80, the 100, the 200, and most recently, the 300 Series. People like more room for their family, pets, and cargo. They also want modern conveniences like AC, heat, power steering, and a more comfortable ride due to better suspension and softer seats. All of these features were innovative and novel in the FJ60.

The Features of the FJ60

As far as off-road goes, Toyota did not sacrifice the overlanding capabilities of the FJ60. Even though it does have departure angle issues due to its rear end and only 7.5 inches of ground clearance, it is equipped with the mighty 2F and a 4-speed manual transmission that eats rocks for breakfast.

That aside, the FJ60 is as tough as its predecessors and reliable as any Toyota. While forest trails might be a little tight, the attention Toyota paid to improving the suspension for comfortable driving and rugged durability gives the FJ60 a competitive edge.

There were three trim levels for the FJ60, which was a first for Toyota.

Factors to Consider When Buying an FJ60

Before you shop for a used FJ60, there are some things you should consider. We’ve put together an FJ60 buyers guide for you.

Land Cruiser 60 series at FLEX in Japan


According to, the price of the FJ60 has stabilized in the $30,000 range as more people are gravitating toward this model for their off-road needs. There has been a sharp price increase for all used car prices in recent years as the world regained its footing during and after the initial impact of the pandemic, but that appears to have leveled off as the pricing settles down. You probably won’t find a used FJ60 for a low price, and if you did, you may not want it due to its condition, so figure on spending close to $30,000 for it.

Another factor to remember is that the FJ60 is over 40 years old and becoming scarce.

Assessing Condition

Like all used cars, you must hunt to find something worth buying. While the maintenance history is critical to the vehicle’s condition, so is the mileage.

The FJ60 can go for many miles, so don’t be too concerned about mileage around 150,000 on the odometer, as long as those miles are on a well-maintained vehicle. There are records of a 1987 FJ60 with over 436,000 miles on it.

Land Cruiser 60 series at FLEX in Japan

Body rust is a big factor in the FJ60, with rust invading almost every body surface, including roof rack anchor points and door handles. Rust is prevalent in vehicles kept by the ocean on either coast of the U.S. and particularly bad in locations that use road salt for melting ice and snow, like the Midwest and northern states where you would need a 4WD. Minnesota puts down over 445,000 tons of road salt annually.

Before you buy, here are some things to check out:

  • Interior wear
  • Rubber seals and leakage
  • Brakes and brake lines
  • Hub grease squirting out
  • Fluid levels
  • Knuckle grease or leaks
  • Carburetor and vacuum levels

These are just a few of the most common things people look for or should be aware of when shopping for a used FJ60.

Desired Specs

When choosing your engine transmission combination, so much of that decision is based on your needs. If you’re looking for a more traditional look and feel, then the early years’ F2 engine and manual transmission have the vote of current off-road owners. It is also better for people living in California who need a better emission engine.

Will you be heading off to remote places to fish or camp? The manual transmission might be better for choosing your pace through dense brush or over rocks. If you are traveling more on city streets, you may want to look for a model with an automatic transmission.

The FJ60 has the following engine and transmission combinations:

Engine Fuel Horsepower Torque Transmission
4.2 L 2F 16 Gas 135 @ 3600 RPM 210 lb-ft 4-speed manual
3.4 L 3B I4 Diesel 90 @ 3500 RPRM 160 lb-ft 5-speed manual
4.0 L 2H I6 Diesel 107 @ 3500 RPM 177 lb-ft 4-speed manual

Many off-roaders have turned to the FJ62 with a 5-speed manual paired with the 3F-E engine. This combination is recommended due to its low first gear, which is also good on the streets.

If you need or want updated safety equipment, consider a Renoca since they are older Land Cruisers with updated safety features, the latest GPS and infotainment technology, and custom options like wheels, rims, and other accessories. The Renoca is a FLEX Automotive original, named from the words “renovation car.”

Renoca 106 based on a 2001 Land Cruiser Sport Utility 4D

The Renoca 106 based on a 2001 Land Cruiser Sport Utility 4D, featuring a front end reminiscent of the 60 series.

Where to Find FJ60s for Sale

If you’re in the market for an FJ60, you’ll find a wide range of prices around the U.S. and limited availability in many areas like the Northeast and the Midwest. If you don’t mind traveling or have no problem transporting a vehicle, you can shop worldwide for your FJ60.

Dealerships and Specialty Lots

Land Cruiser 60 series at FLEX in Japan

Trying to stay local will be challenging, as most dealerships don’t keep 40-year-old vehicles on their used car lot. Those cars usually end up at auctions or are wholesaled to specialty lots.

A quick search on Craigslist or eBay will give you an idea of the market price for the FJ60 and an indication of how many there are available around the country. Keep in mind that many of the vehicles for sale will have high mileage, which may not be an issue depending on the engine and maintenance records.

FLEX Automotive is Japan’s leading Land Cruiser Specialist

Due to the condition and age of the remaining FJ60s, you’ll see fewer of these offered for sale, and the ones you see may have excessive mileage. To find an FJ60 that has low mileage – for the year and its condition – it is best to work with Land Cruiser professionals like us, FLEX Automotive.

FLEX Automotive is one of Japan’s largest Land Cruiser dealerships and has sold LCs since the early 1960s. With our ability to locate an FJ60, the chances of getting the right vehicle at a reasonable price will increase. We may not always have an FJ60 in stock in the San Diego dealership, but with our import/export expertise, we are able to locate an FJ60 that meets all of your expectations.

Renoca series lined up at FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

Renoca series lined up at FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

Successful Purchase

When shopping for a vehicle, the first thing you must do is research, no matter which make and model you’re after. If you buy the first thing you see, you may pay too much or buy something that will cost a lot of money to fix.


Research is a lot of work. It’s time consuming and may mean you can’t buy your FJ60 for a long time. However, if you’re willing to put the time in, you stand a better chance of finding what you want than if you look through listings once and walk away. The more time you spend searching, the better feel you’ll get for the market and the available vehicles. While waiting for the right one, read and talk about the FJ60 in online forums or owner groups. You’ll learn a lot about pricing, availability, what to look out for, and other information you may not have considered, like what mods to add to it once you get it.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

  • Location of the vehicle
  • Year
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Maintenance records

As you search, don’t overlook classified ads like Craigslist, especially in the big city marketplaces like Detroit, Denver, or Seattle, and eBay motors, auction websites, and user social media groups.

Land Cruiser 60 series at FLEX in Japan

Ask Questions

Once you’ve found a vehicle, ask the seller pertinent questions about the FJ60.

Here are some things you want to know:

  • How was it driven?
  • What parts have been replaced?
  • Is the engine original or a rebuild?
  • What other parts have been rebuilt?
  • How has it been maintained?
  • Are there any leaks, or have you replaced any seals?
  • Are there any transmission issues?
  • When was the last time you replaced the brakes?
  • When was the last time you replaced the grease in the hubs?
  • What modifications have been made, and were they made by professionals?
  • Do you have the title, maintenance records, and ownership information?

When you buy a car through a dealership like FLEX Automotive, all of these questions are answered, and the documentation is available for you to see.

Test Drives

Test drive the FJ60 and pay attention to the feel and sound.

  • Squeaks – Are pulley bearings making noise? Is it the AC compressor?
  • Vibrations – Is the vacuum system failing? Is there a problem with the emission system?
  • Grinding – What part is not getting lubrication? What part is worn out?
  • Rattling – Is the timing off? Are the valves bad?

Drive the vehicle and test every gear. Not all squeaks are bad; sometimes, old body parts aren’t as greased as they used to be or don’t fit as snugly as they should. You shouldn’t hear grinding when turning the wheel; that’s a power steering issue. Brakes can grind when they need to be changed. Ensure the clutch is working, and you don’t have to slam it in gear to get it to shift.

The AC may not be as cold as it should be, but the owner can tell you what parts it needs in a well-maintained car.

Test the 4WD system by locking the hubs. Make sure you can turn the locks, or you may need a rebuild. The 4H should be easy to shift into; if not, it might be a transfer case fluid problem. Shift through the gears and be aware of wobbles or vibrations.

In 4L, you’ll be able to test the grip of the 4WD as it grabs the road.

There should be no major issues with shifting, turning, alignment, or leaks.

Land Cruiser 60 series at FLEX in Japan

Negotiating and Closing the Deal

The goal is to get the FJ60 you want at the right price for you and your budget. Since so many things affect the cost of the vehicle, it can be hard to get everything exactly, so be flexible in both your price and expectations.

Negotiation Tips

Before you negotiate the price of the FJ60 you want, research pricing and know what to expect. If you’ve taken a test drive and seen the maintenance records, you can get a good idea of the vehicle’s condition, which will help you determine the price you want to pay. Consider repairs as extra costs and adjust your offer accordingly if repairs are needed.

When working with an individual, always be respectful and ready to walk away if you can’t agree. While the FJ60 may be hard to get, there is no need to pay too much for a vehicle that will need a lot of repairs or rebuilds to get it ready to drive.

Don’t forget to consider taxes, licensing, and insurance when deciding how much you can pay for the vehicle.

Finalizing the Sale

Once you’ve agreed, you and the seller need to do the paperwork. Here are some of the things you may need to finalize the sale:

  • Signed title. Ensure there are NO liens on it, or a lien release is attached.
  • Signed bill of sale
  • Bank draft or cash
  • Depending on your state, you may need additional DMV paperwork for titling and registering the license plate, like odometer statements or proof of emission inspections.
  • Insurance card
  • License plate

Every state is different; check with your state as to what paperwork you need before buying.

FJ60 Fans Love Renoca

If you’re looking for a body style like the FJ60, you’ll also like the Renoca vehicles from FLEX Automotive. The Renoca is designed to keep the traditional appearance of the original Land Cruisers and give it a modern update.

Renoca 106 based on 2003 Land Cruiser Sport Utility 4D

Renoca 106 based on 2003 Land Cruiser Sport Utility 4D, featuring a front end reminiscent of the 60 series

What is Renoca?

The Renoca series of Land Cruisers was developed in 2017 by FLEX Automotive using their own custom body kits and placing them on other Land Cruisers. These vehicles are particularly popular with people who like the modernization of the FJ62 but hate the square headlights; that was why FLEX Automotive started the Renoca series. Since FJ60 supplies are declining, it’s an alternative to finding an older body without modern amenities like power equipment and updating them to today’s standards.

When you order a Renoca, you can choose the color, wheels, interior, infotainment systems, and more, like lift kits and suspension parts that make this your custom vehicle. You can see more details on how Renoca is made in this article.

Before & after pictures of three Renoca models available in the U.S.

Why is Renoca so popular in Japan?

In Japan, we have 9 models of the Renoca series, and the 106 is a perfect example of FJ60 enthusiasts taking the things they love about the 60 Series and modernizing it. It is a matchup of the 100 Series and the 60 Series that brings features like leather interior, round headlights, Toyota grille, and more to the body in a color you select. The 106 is also available at the California dealership.

Land Cruiser fans in Japan realize that these vehicles are scarcer, and Renoca allows them to get a modern version of their favorites. When a car becomes scarce, the price increases, so getting their vehicle early allows us to keep their costs low. Since this applies to the U.S. division of FLEX Automotive, too, designing and ordering your Renoca now will keep your costs down while delivering a vehicle that will last for hundreds of thousands of miles and provide fun and excitement to your life.

In the U.S., there are four Renoca models available: the Land Cruiser-based 106, the Wonder and Phoenix, and the Tacoma-based Windansea. Contact us for more information on how you can design and customize your FJ60 today.

Julie Cleveland

Julie Cleveland

Julie Cleveland grew up with an interest in cars, racing and anything with wheels. She even tried her hand at driving stock cars and drag cars, but found out that walls hurt. She has been writing for over 40 years with articles in a number of publications and newspapers, including National Dragster and Daytona News Journal. She spent 15 years working in the F&I and sales department of manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volvo. For 10 years, she worked for newspapers in both the marketing and editorial departments, and she has been freelance writing automotive make and model overviews, parts and “How To” articles, and general articles about the automotive industry for 12 years. She has authored four non-fiction books and enjoys writing trivia. She still likes cars and is always interested in new ideas and technology.

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