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Does a lift change the styling and driving on Toyota Land Cruiser 100?

Land Cruiser 100 Articles

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Does a lift change the styling and driving on Toyota Land Cruiser 100?

Land Cruiser 100 series inch-up low-profile wheels

Because the Land Cruiser 100 has an independent double-wishbone front suspension, it is easier to improve the on-road driving experience. The Land Cruiser 80 series had a rigid type axle for both the front and the rear suspension, which made it hard to make custom adjustments to the ride. Whereas, the double wishbone system keeps the center of gravity low while turning corners and the smaller and lighter suspension parts make the tires more responsive to changing road surfaces.

The Land Cruiser 100 suspension system makes it perfect for customization, so you’ll find a large selection of aftermarket tires and wheels for the 100 series. The low profile wheel is a popular choice that widens the wheel size while leaving the outer diameter mostly unchanged. This means the tires are flatter, which adds a stylish and sporty component to the overall appearance of your Land Cruiser.

If you want to know more about customazations for Land Cruiser 100 series, read this article about 8 popular customization.

Land Cruiser 100

Larger aperture for better grip and firm running

The Land Cruiser 100 has a tire size of 275/60R18 and a standard wheel size of 18-inches, but if you increase this to 20-inches, it makes a dramatic change to your Land Cruiser’s appearance, which looks great on the road. Not only does this emphasize the wheels, but it also flattens the tires to give your 100 series the looks of a sports car. This allows you to change the tires and combine them with all-terrain and all-season type tires that are compatible with off-road, as well as enhancing the on-road design and performance.

You get more lateral traction from the flatter tires, which increase the on-road grip. Your performance will match your styling. Since many types of wheels will increase the diameter, if you want to improve your on-road experience while changing your vehicle’s appearance, we recommend the inch-up low-profile wheels.

Land Cruiser 100

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages

While style and driving performance are improved by increasing the wheel size, there are some disadvantages to making this change to your Land Cruiser 100. The wheel rims will be closer to the ground, so they can be damaged by driving off the shoulder or over rough roads. You will need to be careful when driving or you run the risk of damaging your wheels. Another disadvantage is that the handling and ride comfort will be changed slightly depending upon the amount of customization you do to the vehicle. The larger the diameter of the wheel, the heavier it is.

On a heavyweight SUV like the Land Cruiser 100, there won’t be much of an impact, but the weight on the shocks can make a difference in the ride comfort, and there is a possibility of louder road noise. However, the change in styling and running that an inch-up low profile wheel is large, so it may compensate for any disadvantages. Customizing wheels on your Land Cruiser can become expensive, so choose your wheels and tires wisely.