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Top 24 Easy-to-Buy Mods & Accessories for Toyota Tacoma

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Top 24 Easy-to-Buy Mods & Accessories for Toyota Tacoma

While your Toyota Tacoma comes with all the things you need to take it off road and enjoy exploring remote locations, there are a number of products you can add to it to make it uniquely your own.

Here are some of the accessories and mods that we think you’ll like:

1. Pop & Lock Power Tailgate Lock

Pop & Lock Power Tailgate Lock

Photo by tacomalifestyle.com

The Pop & Lock Power Tailgate Lock secures the bed of your truck and works with your keyfob so that you can lock the doors and the tailgate simultaneously. This eliminates the need to carry around your tailgate key with you. The lock mounts out of sight and comes with a Plug and Play harness for direct connection to your OEM wiring.

2. TRD Pro Style Grille

Pop & Lock Power Tailgate Lock

Photo by tacovinyl.com

Beef up your Tacoma’s appearance with a TRD Pro Style Grille in your choice of six colors, including white. This grille will completely change the looks of your truck’s face. Because of its durable ABS plastic construction, it can withstand your off-road adventures.

3. Anytime Front Camera

Pop & Lock Power Tailgate Lock

Photo by anytimebackupcamera.com

The Anytime Front Camera lets you view your rear camera while viewing your front-facing camera. It will plug directly into your factory screen and connect to the harness with a switch. With this camera setup, you can see everything happening around you.

4. Center Console Organizer Tray

Center Console Organizer Tray

Photo by tacomabeast.com

Keep everything controlled and at hand with a center console organizer tray. Use it to hold your keys, coins, and cell phone without ruining the interior looks of your Tacoma. It drops into place and is constructed of durable ABS plastic.

5. Gator Tri-Fold Tonneau Bed Cover

Gator Tri-Fold Tonneau Bed Cover

Photo by realtruck.com

Stop prying eyes from looking into your truck bed while protecting your cargo from the elements with this Gator Tri-Fold Tonneau Bed Cover. It is built of durable, tear-resistant vinyl on a lightweight aluminum frame. The frame uses weather seals to keep it waterproof, and because it’s a tri-fold, you don’t have to take the cover off to get into the bed. It comes with support bows and can be secured for highway driving.

6. Cali Raised LED Side Projection Ditch Lights

Cali Raised LED Side Projection Ditch Lights

Photo by caliraisedled.com

A solid set of ditch lights lets you see the sides of the road and trails while driving in unfamiliar territory. The Cali Raised LED Side Projection Ditch Lights can be controlled with an OEM-style switch and are mounted directly onto your hood for maximum illumination.

7. Scotchgard Fabric Protector Spray

Scotchgard Fabric Protector Spray

Photo by walmart.com

Scotchgard Fabric Protector Spray is a popular product for protecting cloth seats in your Tacoma. It has been used in homes to protect furniture for years, and it works well on the floor mats, armrests, and other cloth pieces in your truck.

8. Vinyl Decal Tailgate Inserts

Vinyl Decal Tailgate Inserts

Photo by tvdvinyldecals.com

If you want to add a personalized touch to your Tacoma, vinyl decal tailgate inserts are a quick way to customize your tailgate. Choose from OE colors or patterns like the U.S. flag or other designs in high-quality materials with 3M automotive-grade adhesive for a secure fit.

9. Redline Hood Struts/Lifts

Redline Hood Struts/Lifts

Photo by redlinetuning.com

Redline Hood Struts/Lifts are designed to clean up your engine bay by removing the need for the hood prop. These lifts and struts are the same height as the prop, but Redline does make lifts go another 7 inches above that mark with their Max Lift Edition. These kits come with all the mounting hardware you need and include black gas springs that apply dampening when closing to relieve stress on the hood.

10. Cali Raised Replacement LED Fog Light Pods

Cali Raised Replacement LED Fog Light Pods

Photo by caliraisedled.com

When you need more light, Cali Raised Replacement LED Fog Light Pods illuminate the path’s darkest parts. The lights are mounted on the hood and should be facing out by 45 degrees to light up the path on the sides. If you’re traveling on a dark trail during the fall, this is the best way to see the deer before it leaps into your path.

11. Scosche Magnetic Phone Mount

Scosche Magnetic Phone Mount

Photo by scosche.com

If you’re tired of trying to find your phone while driving, the Scosche Magnetic Phone Mount keeps it at your fingertips and offers easy hands-free calling or GPS navigation. The mount is secured to any magnetic surface where it locks in place. The mount is designed for portrait or landscape mode, so you can turn your phone as needed.

12. Anytime Backup Camera

The Anytime Backup Camera lets you see the backup camera with a touch of a button, which is crucial when towing a trailer or backing out of a parking spot in a busy parking lot. It can keep you from backing into a ditch on the trails and let you see obstacles behind you at any time.

13. Matt Gecko Under Bed Rail LED Lights

Matt Gecko Under Bed Rail LED Lights

Photo by mattgeckoleds.com

If you’re looking for custom LED lights, the Matt Gecko Under Bed Rail Red Lights will give your Tacoma bed a red glow. The bed lights come with a mounted switch and are easy to install for all skill levels. The strips of lights are waterproof and soldered with shrink tubing. Add some style to your truck with red LED lights.

14. AC Drain Mod

AC Drain Mod

Photo by caliraisedled.com

To keep your Tacoma’s frame from rusting due to the location of the drain tube, this mod lets you relocate the drip tube. Everything you need to modify the tube’s placement including a new tube, zip ties, clamps, and instructions are in this kit. Protect your frame from rusting due to a poorly located drain tube.

15. Floor Mat Anti-Slip Fastener Clips

Floor Mat Anti-Slip Fastener Clips

Photo by eagleklaw.com

Keep your floor mats secure on the floor with anti-slip fastener clips that prevent the mats from bunching up around the accelerator or sliding on the passenger side. Once they’re in place, you can stop worrying about wearing your factory carpet out.

16. Meso Customs Minimalist Key Fob

Meso Customs Minimalist Key Fob

Photo by mesocustoms.com

The Meso Customs Minimalist Key Fob is 25% smaller than the stock fob from Toyota. It has a better design and is made from injection-molded PC+ABS plastics that can withstand life off-road. It also contains a stainless steel bottle opener and everything you need to swap out the old remote.

17. Hood Bulge Glare Blocker Sticker

Hood Bulge Glare Blocker Sticker

Photo by importequipment.com

Reduce the glare from the hood bulge by adding a glare blocker vinyl sticker that adds a stylish flair to your hood while protecting your eyes. The sticker is made from automotive film and has rounded corners to keep it from curling over time. Doesn’t harm your car paint.

18. Cali Raised Behind Grille LED Light Bar

Cali Raised Behind Grille LED Light Bar

Photo by caliraisedled.com

Add more light to the front of your Tacoma with a Cali Raised Behind Grille LED Light Bar. It comes with brackets, dual-row LED lights, and the wiring harness you need to install it. Since it sits behind the grille, it doesn’t do anything to change the face of your truck.

19. Tacoma Raptor Light Kit

Tacoma Raptor Light Kit

Photo by tacomalifestyle.com

If you’re ready to take your Tacoma’s appearance up a notch, then a Raptor light kit might be the best thing to add to your grille. It is a complete kit with four lights that snap into the grille, are waterproof and carwash safe, and only take 15 minutes to install. Choose from amber, smoked amber, clear white, or smoked white bulbs.

20. OEM Bed Mat

OEM Bed Mat

Photo by autoparts.toyota.com

The OEM Toyota Tacoma Bed Mat is a good option for bed protection. It is thicker, heavier, and has a better grip than some aftermarket liners. It is designed to keep cargo from shifting and guard your bed from scratches and dings. The grip keeps water from accumulating underneath it.

21. N2 Designs Remote Start


N2 Designs Remote Start

Photo by n2designsinc.com

Remote starters keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer by letting you start your Tacoma without leaving the house. The N2 Designs Remote Start is made with Plug and Play technology that doesn’t require you to have dealership activation, and you don’t need to cut or splice wires to connect it.

22. Spidertrax Wheel Spacers

Spidertrax Wheel Spacers

Photo by spidertrax.com

If you’re looking for improved handling and a better stance, want to add larger tires or wheels to your Tacoma or want larger brake calipers, then the Spidertrax Wheel Spacers might be the product you need. They give your truck a unique look and are inexpensive and easy to install.

23. LED Interior Lights

LED Interior Lights

Photo by tacomabeast.com

Set the mood or boost the illumination with LED Interior Lights designed to add more light to your truck’s interior. You can change out the dome light, map lights, vanity lights, and license plate lights with a lighting kit. Light up your footwell in red or blue, or stay with a bright white. The choice is yours.

24. Premium Audio Upgrade

Complete your ride with a new audio system that includes woofers, tweeters, and front and rear speaker sets. Upgrade to a JBL system with a larger screen, navigation options, and a larger selection of apps. Whether listening to the radio or streaming a podcast, an upgraded audio system makes the ride more enjoyable.


We hope this list helped you find new accessories and mods for your Tacoma. If you’re ready to add a retrofit set of headlights to your Tacoma, we hope this list of recommendations will help you decide. We’re here to answer any of your questions about retrofit parts, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Julie Cleveland

Julie Cleveland

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