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Runs 60,000 miles: Toyota Land Cruiser’s durability and parts supply

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Runs 60,000 miles: Toyota Land Cruiser’s durability and parts supply

The official parts supply and durability

The high durability and reliability of the Toyota Land Cruiser (hereafter, Land Cruiser) is well-known not only in Japan but globally, which has led to the current popularity of the Land Cruiser worldwide. It has been shipped to more than 180 countries so far and is a trusted 4WD workhorse in the Middle East region where the temperatures exceed 50 degrees to Siberia where the temperature drops below -20 degrees.

However, no matter how tough a car is, parts wear is inevitable. Even the world-reknowned Land Cruiser needs replacement parts the more miles its driven. The reason vintage Land Cruisers are still used around worldwide is not simply because they are tough and don’t break down, but because there is a stable supply of parts necessary for repairs in an emergency that ensure its longevity.

By the way, the supply period of genuine parts is determined by the policy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan, and it is said parts must be available for eight years after the production of the car ends. You may be wondering, “Will genuine parts disappear in just 8 years after the end of production?” Not really. This is the policy of the country that “the manufacturer should supply the parts of the car for at least eight years after the production of the car ends”. Toyota continues to supply parts for a period longer than that.

Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser’s genuine parts supply system is highly regarded worldwide

Land Cruiser’s high level of trust is also behind the supply of genuine parts that has continued for over 30 years

Depending on the manufacturer and model, the number of years that parts will be supplied after production ends varies, but we continue to produce parts that are in demand even for cars that have been out of production for eight years. It goes without saying that the Land Cruiser is one of the most popular cars in the world.

However, the Land Cruiser 60 has been discontinued for 28 years, the Land Cruiser 80 for 21 years, and even the Land Cruiser 100 for 10 years.

I’m thinking of buying a second-hand Land Cruiser, but I’m worried about what might happen if it breaks down. Rest assured there is an abundance of Land Cruiser parts.

If you still have reservations, let us answer your questions about the durability of the discontinued Land Cruiser and the available parts for it.

What is the durability of genuine Land Cruiser parts and are they are prone to failure?

Auxiliary equipment and axle problems often occur after the mileage reaches 100,000 km/62,137 miles.

In fact, every car has a part that can break due to bad design. The Land Cruiser 60 and Land Cruiser 80 use a rigid suspension for the front suspension, and when you run a distance, the part called the “knuckle (the part where the tire bends)” of the axle will become defective. Most of the problems with it are caused by the deterioration of the oil seal, and when the seal deteriorates, grease leaks out from the knuckle. If grease leaks, normal lubrication between metals will not be possible, resulting in abnormal noise and rattling.

Other parts commonly fail on the Land Cruiser 60 and Land Cruiser 80, such as the engine head cover, transmission oil pan, oil pump gasket, and O-ring of the distributor (a type of ignition device). If these deteriorate, oil leakage will occur. Although there are individual differences, the mileage at which problems begin to appear is often around 100,000 km/62,137 miles. O-rings and gaskets are based on soft materials such as rubber, and oil leakage will inevitably occur as wear and tear progresses. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the gasket before problems arise like when you are doing vehicle inspections and maintenance of other parts.

In addition, it is rare for major problems to occur in the engine, transmission, suspension, etc., and as expected, it is a Land Cruiser with a reputation for high durability!

Land Cruiser

You can rest assured that the parts necessary for driving, steering, and braking are in production

Some parts are discontinued, but they can be replaced with rebuilt or third-party parts

Land Cruisers, which are active all over the world, are superior to 4WD vehicles of the same era in terms of parts supply.

Let’s take the Land Cruiser 60 as an example. The Land Cruiser 60 first appeared in 1980. The car was designed 37 years ago, so not all parts are still available. Some of the interior parts such as steering wheels and seats and some exterior parts such as bumpers and grills have also been discontinued.

However, wear and tear parts like packing and gaskets, and other parts necessary for driving such as brakes are still supplied with genuine parts. By the way, important parts such as the alternator (generator) and starter motor are rebuilt products, and exterior parts such as mufflers, bumpers, and grills are made by third parties (products of outside manufacturers) and can be purchased new.

The Land Cruiser 80 and Land Cruiser 100 are still active Land Cruisers, so there is no need to worry about parts supply. You can choose your favorite model without worrying that you cannot repair the purchased Land Cruiser or refresh the exterior.