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Land Cruiser vs North American SUV Comparison verification of popular North American imported SUVs

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Land Cruiser vs North American SUV Comparison verification of popular North American imported SUVs

Here are North American SUVs that are often compared to Land Cruisers!

The Land Cruiser is Toyota’s flagship and the highest SUV in the domestic car lineup. Then, it may be natural that the cars compared against it are not only domestically produced but also imported cars.

I would like to focus on the SUVs sold in North America that are often compared with the Land Cruiser. This time, we will compare and explain the following three models: Toyota North America’s Sequoia and 4Runner and Jeep’s Wrangler Unlimited.

Spec comparison of North American SUVs compared to the Land Cruiser

Model Land Cruiser 200 Wrangler JK Unlimited Sequoia 4Runner
Full Length 194.88 inches 185.23 inches 205.12 inches 189.76 inches
Full Width 77.56 inches 74.01 inches 79.92 inches 75.78 inches
Full Height 74.02 inches 72.64 inches 76.96 inches 70.08 inches
Displacement 4.6L 3.6L 5.7L 4.0L
Max. power hp 318 284 381 270
Max. torque Nm 460 / 339 lb.-ft. 347 /256 lb.-ft. 544 / 401 lb.-ft. 377 / 278 lb.-ft.
Boarding capacity 5-7 passengers 5 passengers 7-8 passengers 5 – 7 passengers
New car selling price From about $36,805 From about $28,335 From about $42,963 From about $33,654

The common denominator is that all of these models are full-fledged SUVs that can be switched to 2WD

Unlike the Land Cruiser, neither the two North American Toyota models nor the Jeep that we are comparing are vehicles that specialize in off-road performance. For that reason, there are equipped with a 2WD setting. The Sequoia is a North American full-size model, and its total length exceeds the Land Cruiser 200.

Full-size pickup trucks and full-size SUVs have large bodies and large engines, which is a point of evaluation in the United States, so this is the lineup. In North America, not only full-size but also middle-size SUVs like the 4Runner are in demand. The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is one of the few Jeep models that still looks like the classic Jeep. The hardtop and doors can be removed, and it is considered the most agile of the models. The 2.7L, 3.5L, and 4L engines in the table are those used in the Surf and Prado, the 4.6L is in the Land Cruiser 200, and the 5.7L is in the Lexus LX570.

Since it may be difficult to understand if we only introduce the specs of the North American model, we will also introduce the specs of a representative Land Cruiser below, so please use this information as a reference for the body size.

Model Land Cruiser 80 Land Cruiser 100 Land Cruiser 200
Sale Period December 1989-December 1997 January 1998 to August 2007 September 2007~
Full Length 196 inches 193 inches 195 inches
Full Width 76 inches 76 inches 77 inches
Full Height 73 inches 74 inches 74 inches
Boarding capacity 5~8people 5~8people 5~8people
engine type Gasoline: 4.5L Diesel: 4.2L Gasoline: 4.7L Diesel: 4.2L Gasoline: 4.7L, 4.6L Diesel: No setting
MSRP $22,770 – $28,878 $28,878 – $40,774 $33,880 – $41,956

Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited

Land Cruiser

The one and only Wrangler with a rugged Jeep style

The Jeep Wrangler is the root and symbol of the Jeep brand developed by Fiat -Chrysler. The name Wrangler was first given to the Wrangler YJ released in 1987. It was during World War II that the so-called “Jeep” style, which was a compact open body with a hood specification, was introduced. Jeep was created to be a military 4WD in 1941, which is 10 years earlier than the Land Cruiser’s post-war appearance.

As time passed, the military Jeep became a Jeep Wrangler for general users, and now it is widely loved by fans all over the world as an adventurous off-road vehicle. If I were to describe the appeal of the Wrangler, it would be that it is original and individual, which attracts a lot of people. Fans that were fascinated by the Wrangler immediately became captivated by the car’s adventurous spirit. After becoming owners, these fans become enthusiastic followers of Wrangler.

North America Toyota Sequoia

Land Cruiser

Sequoia, a popular full-size SUV with outstanding ride comfort

In Japan, I have not heard any complaints about the body size and interior space of the Land Cruiser 200, but the Sequoia, which is sold as a full-size SUV in the United States, has a more spacious interior than the Land Cruiser 200. The more spacious the interior is, the more comfortable it is, but considering that such a spacious interior can be realized in a commercial vehicle, and many people actually buy it, is indicative of the car culture in America.

It uses a V8 engine with a displacement of 5.7L, which is 1.1L larger than the Land Cruiser. Although it is a Toyota vehicle, it is an SUV model that feels like an American car. In addition, since the second generation, Sequoia is the only SUV with a ladder frame structure that has an independent four-wheel suspension structure. The Sequoia is the largest SUV from Toyota in North America, but it is shorter than the Tundra, which is a pickup truck that uses the same platform.

Toyota 4Runner North America

Land Cruiser

4 Runner is the North American sales name for the Hilux Surf

The name 4Runner may not make sense to many people in Japan, but it is the name the Hilux Surf is sold under in North America. The current 4Runner is the 5th generation when counting from the first generation Hilux Surf (sold as the 4Runner in North America from the first generation) that appeared in 1983, and the 5th generation of the current model appeared in 2009 when the 4th generation was discontinued in Japan.

The 4Runner from the 3rd generation onwards is a sibling of the Land Cruiser Prado and uses the same frame and components. The 5th generation of the current model has a lineup of two types of engines, 2.7L and 4.0L, with a smaller displacement and slightly smaller body size than the Land Cruiser 200.