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Recommended Parts for Enhancing Your 80 Series Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser 80 Articles

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Recommended Parts for Enhancing Your 80 Series Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser 80 Series Upgrades

The Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series is more than a vehicle capable of going off-road; it’s the opening chapter of a lifestyle built for adventure and excitement. To add even more excitement, many parts will enhance our 80 Series’ capabilities so you can have more fun for your money.

Toyota Land Cruiser 80 4.5 GX 4WD at FLEX in Tokyo, Japan

Enhance your 80 Series Land Cruiser

Making that transition from a classic off-road vehicle to a monster machine with an appetite for even more rugged terrain isn’t hard. Customization is the hallmark of an off-road enthusiast’s commitment to take challenges head-on.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best upgrades for your 80 Series.

Suspension and Handling Upgrades

The most obvious changes you can make to your Land Cruiser 80 Series are in the suspension system. Anything you do here will change the handling, so bear that in mind. High-quality suspension kits, including lift kits, shock absorbers, and springs, provide better ground clearance, improved handling, and a smoother ride. Additional upgrades like heavy-duty sway bars and steering stabilizers will significantly improve handling and stability.

Off-Road Recommendations

Suspension Kits

Icon offers a 3-inch suspension system that improves on-road handling while maximizing the off-road potential in your 80 Series. Kits include shocks, coil springs, and the hardware you need to install them. Icon also carries sway bars.

Suspension by icon

Photo by

Dobinson has developed different coil and height options – from 0” to 3.5” of lift. The base kit comes with shocks and coils; you can add other parts as needed.

Suspension by Dobinson

Photo by

Old Man Emu is a respected name among 4WD enthusiasts. They offer lift kits from 2 to 4 inches and a choice of load capacities. OME also carries steering stabilizers.

Suspension by Old Man Emu

Photo by

Exterior Styling

Like all vehicles, owners like to customize their rides to suit their lifestyles. You’ll find that Land Cruiser 80 Series owners are no different. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular exterior styling parts from bumpers to grilles to body kits. Make your ride your own.

Aftermarket Exterior Options

Aftermarket Bumpers

The first thing you may want to change is the front bumper, especially if you’re planning heavy-duty off-road use. Some bumpers are winch-ready and are airbag compatible. You’ll also find rear bumpers that are winch-compatible. Companies that specialize in bumpers include Arb USA, Trail Gear, and N4 Off-Road.

Front end of Renoca Wonder by FLEX Automotive, based on a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility 4D

Renoca Wonder by FLEX Automotive, based on a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility 4D


From full-metal grilles from Arizona to mesh grilles to base grilles, the front end of your 80 Series doesn’t have to look factory. Replacement grilles are made to fit your year and model; in some cases, lettering and emblems are included.

Renoca Wonder by FLEX Automotive, based on a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility 4D

Renoca Wonder by FLEX Automotive, based on a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility 4D

Body Kits

You’ll find many body kits available for the Land Cruiser 80 Series, with some kits including fender flares, wheel arches, and wide body kits. If you’re looking for a complete makeover with retro styling, consider a Renoca from Flex Automotive. The Renoca (renovation car) is a makeover of the newer models with a retrofitted facelift.

Interior Comfort and Convenience

It’s not always about how far off the road you can go; sometimes, it’s about how comfortable you are when traveling and whether you can get the precise location of your favorite coffee. This is where upgrading the interior comes in and we have thoughts on that.

Interior Upgrades


The 80 Series is older, which can mean that seats are worn out, or maybe you just want a more comfortable ride. Either way, a new set of seats can make a difference when you drive. If you wish to update the look, a new set of seat covers may do the job. You’ll find cloth, leather, and other materials available.

Customized seats of a Renoca Wonder by FLEX Automotive

Navigation Systems

The age of the 80 Series alone means that navigation needs an upgrade. In addition to the navigation system, installing a new infotainment center will add more entertainment options to your ride.

Drawer Systems

Regarding storage and organization, you may wish to add a drawer system to your 80. ARB makes a modular drawer that is designed for both commercial use and off-road travel. In addition to drawers, you may consider adding cargo organizers like headrest bags, seat divider nets, and Molle panels.

Other interior accessories include camera mounts, two-way radios, phone case locks, and cup holders.

If you order a Renoca from Flex Automotive, you’ll find that you can design the interior in any way that suits your lifestyle. We will work with you to realize your dream interior.

Lighting Upgrades

Lighting is always necessary, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Like all the other options on your LC80, you can create a lighting system that suits your needs.

Light Improvements

LED Driving Lights

Choose from several lighting companies dedicated to illuminating your path. You’ll find many options, from Type-X PRO LED driving lights from STEDI to Baha Designs bar lights to Diode Dynamic headlights.

It’s not just your headlights; don’t forget to upgrade your tail lights, add a spotlight, add ditch lights, and update your dome lights.

Type-X PRO LED driving lights by STEDI

Photo by

Going Off-Road

While the LC80 comes equipped to motor you over the worst terrain, there are many additional parts to consider once you know where you plan to drive. In some places, your Land Cruiser may need a little help from upgrades.

Off-Road Essentials


Not just for if you get stuck, but not everyone is as equipped as you are for off-roading, so you may be doing someone a favor by pulling them out. Companies like Warn, TJM, and SuperWinch (a Westin product now) all make winches designed for heavy-duty capabilities.

Skid Plates

Asfir, CX, and CYCRA manufacture skid plates for your LC80. When choosing a skid plate, make sure the materials match your lifestyle. You’ll find full armor steel and aluminum options.


When you choose a snorkel for your LC80, consider how much dirt and dust your air box can handle. ARB makes a Safari Snorkel that takes the intake point high above the hood, and the Ironman Airforce Snorkel has an angled ram-air head that deflects rain.

Locking Differentials

Upgrade the traditional performance of your LC80 with mods like the Xtreme Overland Front and Rear Gear & Locker Upgrade Kit for any LC80 that didn’t come with factory lockers. This kit includes the master differential install kit, wheel bearings, and a knuckle-rebuild kit. There are other kits available for the front or rear axles.

Xtreme Overland locking differentials

Photo by

There are mods to refit the CDL switch, too.

Depending on which country your LC80 comes from, you may only have a center locker or a triple-locking system.

If you plan on running difficult trails or doing more heavy-duty driving, you may consider upgrading your wheels and axles to handle the extra loads.

Audio and Entertainment Systems

When we talked about the navigation system, we touched on the infotainment system upgrade. In addition to a center screen upgrade, you may want to change out the entire audio system to something more modern with better sound.

Here are some of our recommendations:

Audio Upgrades

Sound System

Nothing makes driving more enjoyable than a great audio system. Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, and other well-recognized names in the stereo game have audio systems to fit your LC80.


It seems implausible, but when the LC80 was introduced, the internet was in its infancy, which means many vehicle audio accessories were limited. Today, you can add a Boss receiver that is compatible with smartphones and MP3 players. Pioneer’s receiver has the latest smartphone technology, including Android Auto, Dual Bluetooth, and Dual-camera input.

Seteering wheel and multimedia system on Renoca Wonder by FLEX Automotive


Front and rear cameras have greatly boosted navigation by delivering clear images of the trails in front and behind. This technology has led to better performance on the trail.

Flex’s Selection of Recommended Upgrades

In addition to the upgrades mentioned above, we suggest that you look at overlanding mods and equipment for your LC80.

Some of the additional updates we recommend, include CB radios, traction jacks, the OME 4x 4 suspension, and rack systems. You’ll find more in the overlanding mod article.

Renoca Wonder & Phoenix lined up in front of FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

Renoca Wonder & Phoenix lined up in front of FLEX Automotive in San Diego, CA.

Why Choose FLEX Automotive

Flex Automotive is staffed with experienced Toyota Land Cruiser experts ready to help you get the right upgrade for your LC80 or build a Renoca Land Cruiser to your specs. Either way, you can expect quality parts and meticulous care in builds.

Inventory at FLEX

If you’re in the market for a Land Cruiser, explore our inventory and discover a world of model options like the Prado JDM or the Renoca Tacoma Windansea or the 1994 Renoca Wonder.


We understand that your Land Cruiser 80 Series is more than a vehicle for daily driving. It’s your ticket to adventure, and that adventure needs modifications like tow packages and winches, as well as roof racks, camping gear, and ditch lights. This list should help you get started, and we’re here to assist you.


While not all-inclusive, our recommendations include everything from the suspension to the headlights to the stereo system. We chose products that will make your off-roading enjoyable and comfortable while making your Land Cruiser 80 Series a workhorse that powers through any terrain. That’s the making of a great adventure.

Consult Flex for More Information

When upgrading your LC80, we’re here to help you find the right parts and accessories for your model. Rather than doing extensive internet searches, contact us and we’ll help you get on the right trail to accessorizing your 4WD.

Julie Cleveland

Julie Cleveland

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