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Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series is back: Differences Between Resale and Previous Models

Land Cruiser 70 Articles

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Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series is back: Differences Between Resale and Previous Models

In a much-anticipated automotive event, Toyota has officially unveiled the latest iteration of its legendary off-roader, the Land Cruiser 70 Series. This model, known for its rugged durability and classic design, has been reintroduced with modern enhancements that promise to maintain its tough, go-anywhere reputation while integrating contemporary technology and comfort.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series Will Be Re-Released in Japan

With the Land Cruiser pedigree in its bloodlines, the Land Cruiser 70 Series set forth in 1984 to carry on the tradition of being an enduring performance vehicle. Buyers looking for a heavy-duty commercial vehicle turned to the LC70 because of its reputation on- and off-road. Today, Toyota has upped the game and brought the re-introduced Land Cruiser 70 Series into the 201st century with new technology and performance.

Limited Release in Japan

After being off the Japanese market since 2004, 2015 saw Toyota bring the Land Cruiser 70 Series’ 30th Anniversary model to the fans in Japan.

Since nostalgia for the 70 was running high in Japan, Toyota took advantage of the yearning and unveiled the anniversary edition with a price of 3.6 million yen (about $23,000 USD.)

The anniversary edition had a modernized interior by 2015’s standards that included ABS and airbags, but it retained the tried and true ladder frame underneath and a sparse interior that didn’t deviate from its utilitarian roots.

This LC70 was powered by the 1GR-FE 4.0 V6 that produced 228 horses and 265 pounds of torque that drove the 5-speed manual. Only 200 units were produced.

The Land Cruiser 70 Series had been discontinued in the Japanese market (and other markets) in 2004 due to changing worldwide market demands. Thanks to evolving emission and safety standards, the 70 Series didn’t meet the international community’s new regulations. Rather than retool the aging LC70, Toyota chose to focus on developing other more consumer-friendly SUVs like the 100 Series, and later the 200 Series.

While Toyota backed away from the Japanese market, the LC 70 was still a viable option for the Australian market.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2000 model

Continuous Australian Availability

The Land Cruiser has a special bond with the Australian marketplace, and outside of Japan, there may be no more loyal following than those of the Aussies.

Historically, the Land Cruiser has given Australians a necessary tool to advance civilization in an unfriendly climate like the outback. In fact, the outback and the Land Cruiser are linked as a cultural icon.

Originally, Toyota recognized the landscape of Australia as a proving ground when the Land Cruiser was in development in the 1950s. It became the litmus test for durability and capability in handling the harsh landscape of the outback and the muddy muckiness of the rainforests. With the Land Cruiser’s ability to forage through those extreme conditions, it soon became a favorite with farmers, miners, and those who looked to escape city life.

Since the ability to travel great distances and reach remote areas was a necessity, people demanded a vehicle that wouldn’t break down often and could withstand the extreme climate. The Land Cruiser met their demands, and in return, the people gave the Land Cruiser their utmost devotion. The LC has had many starring roles in films, documentaries, and TV shows set in Australia. “Mad Max: Fury Road” and the “Jurassic Park” series all feature the Land Cruiser.

It is thanks in part to this history that Toyota continued to supply Australia with the 70 Series without any updates even as they removed it from the Japanese market.

Specification change in Australia after September 2023

Even the dusty outback has to be brought up to date at some point, and the 2023 70 Series has arrived with some exciting updates and upgrades while never losing any of the features that made it a classic standard of what a perfect outback vehicle should look like.

One thing for certain, the new LC70 hasn’t lost the iconic style Aussies have come to love. However, one small change on the front end made the new model look even older. Toyota replaced the square headlights with round headlights of bygone days. There are three models to choose from: Single/Double Cab, Troop Carrier, and the Wagon.

The New Land Cruiser 70 has Officially Launched in Japan

After a 10-year hiatus, the Land Cruiser 70 Series re-entered the Japan market in November of 2023 where it was met with enthusiasm.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model

Photo by Toyota

Differences between new and old models

Specification Old Model New Model
Engine 4.5L V8 Diesel 1VD-FTV Upgraded Turbocharged Diesel 1GD-FTV
Power 202 hp Increased hp to 204
Torque 430 Nm / 317 lb-ft Increased torque to 500 Nm / 369 lb-ft
Transmission 5-Speed Manual 6-speed automatic
Fuel Efficiency Lower efficiency Improved efficiency
Safety Features Basic Advanced (including ADAS features)


2024 Model – All Prices in AU$* 1GD- 2.8L Automatic 1VD 4.5L Manual
76 Series WorkMate Wagon $75,600
76 Series GXL Wagon $79,800
78 Series Troop Carrier WorkMate $79,200 $83,300
78 Series Troop Carrier GLX $82,500 $86,600
79 Series Single Cab Chassis WorkMate $76,800 $80,900
79 Series Single Cab Chassis GX $78,800 $82,900
79 Series Single Cab Chassis GXL $80,900 $85,000
79 Series Double Cab Chassis WorkMate $79,300 $83,400
79 Series Double Cab Chassis GXL $83,500 $87,600

*Currency conversion as of 2024, $1.00 AUD = 0.66 USD = 101.978 ¥ || i.e. $75,600 AUD = 7,709,914 ¥ = $50,000 USD

Main Specifications

Engine Model – Diesel 1GD-FTV 1VD-FTV
Driveline PT 4WD PT 4WD
Transmission Flex Lockup Super Intelligent 6-speed automatic (6 Super ECT) 5-speed manual on all models except the WorkMate LC76
Maximum Output @3,400 RPMs 150 kW / 204 PS / 151 kW /
Maximum Torque 500 Nm / 51 kgf-m / 1,600 – 2,800 RPMs 430 Nm / 1,200 – 3,200 RPMs
Seating Capacity 5 – except for the single cab that seats 2 5 – except for the single cab that seats 2
Fuel Tank Capacity 130L* 130L*

*The Troop Carrier has a 90 liter fuel capacity

Land Cruiser 70 Model Single Cab Cab Chassis Double Cab Cab Chassis Wagon Troop Carrier
WorkMate GX GXL WorkMate GXL WorkMate GXL WorkMate GXL
Land Cruiser 70 Model Overall length (mm) 5253 5235 5245 5235 5235 4865 4910 5235 5245
Overall width (mm) 1790 1870 1870 1790 1870 1800 1870 1800 1800
Qverall height (mm) 1970 1955 1955 1960 1945 1955 1940 2115 2115
Wheelbase (mm) 3180 3180 3180 3180 3180 2730 2730 2980 2980
Front Track (mm) 1515 1555 1555 1515 1555 1515 1555 1515 1515
Rear TracK (mm) 1420 1460 1460 1420 1460 1420 1460 1420 1420
Running Clearance(mm) 330 316 316 317 302 305 290 317 315
Curb Weight (KG) MT 2205 2190 2195 2260 2240 2355 2410 2450
AT 2145 2130 2130 2200 2185 2230 2300 2360 2395
Gross Vehicle Mass(KG) 3510 3510 3510 3510 3510 3510 3510 3510 3510
Gross Combined Mass (KG) 7010 7010 7010 7010 7010 7010 7010 7010 7010


As noted, the 2024 LC70 exterior hasn’t changed much beyond the return of the round headlights and a side placement of the turn signals. However, Toyota did make some changes to the UTE that upped the cargo capacity by 400 kg after they increased the GMV. This change means the 70 Series is now classified as a light truck and not subject to some of the Australian safety requirements.

The Wagon and Troop Carrier are equipped with barn-type 60/40 split rear tailgate doors.

Body Color Options

There are seven available colors for the new Land Cruiser 70 Series, but only the Wagon is available in Eclipse Black and the Troop Carrier is only available in French White, Sandy Taupe, and Midnight Blue. Other colors include Silver Pearl, Graphite, and Merlot Red.

Model Grade Interior Seat Trim French Vanilla Silver Pearl Graphite Merlot Red Sandy Taupe Midnight Blue Eclipse Black
Single Cab WorkMate Gray vinyl x x x x x x
GX Gray vinyl x x x x x x
GXL Gray fabric x x x x x x
Double Cab WorkMate Gray vinyl x x x x x x
GXL Gray fabric x x x x x x
Troop Carrier WorkMate Gray vinyl x x x
GXL Gray fabric x x x
Wagon WorkMate Gray vinyl x x x x x x x
GXL Gray fabric x x x x x x x


Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model

Photo by Toyota

While the outside of the new LC70 blends into the previous years, when you step inside, you know you’re in a different world. Ergonomics is the name of the game, and Toyota is playing the game to win. They redesigned the instrument cluster, center console, and steering wheel for a more comfortable grip with less fatigue over long trips. In addition, a 6.7-inch touchscreen offers ride information and a gateway to an infotainment center with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

Interior seat trim is available in either vinyl or fabric, depending on which trim level you choose.

Luggage Space

Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model

Photo by Toyota

When it comes to the cargo and towing capacity of the Land Cruiser 70 Series, Toyota didn’t forget that you needed a truck to get your work done. All of the 70 Series can tow 3,500 pounds with a trailer brake and 750 pounds without.

Depending on the model, the 70 Series can seat up to five with a lot of room left over for cargo. The single cab seats two, but the bed offers the remaining room for load management. Even the double cab offers ample bed capacity.

With all of the seats in place, there are 37.5 cubic feet of cargo area. If you choose the third-row option, the cargo space is diminished to 9 cubic feet. Folding down all of the seats opens the back up to 88.8 cubic feet.


Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model

Photo by Toyota

For those who still want a V8, the 4.5 diesel IVD-FTV is available; although there may be a backlog of people waiting for the old engine. The newer Land Cruiser 70 Series engine is the 2.8 inline-4 IGD-FTV diesel.

If you’re wondering why the change to an inline-4, the answer comes from the Toyota Australia VP, Sean Hanley, himself. Australian engineers invited their Japanese counterparts to a Genchi Genbutsu (loosely translated to “come and see for yourself”) tour of Australia to understand why the LC70 should be equipped with an automatic transmission.

This goes back to the bond between the Aussies and their love of the LC70.

Dubbed the WTF (Why the Four) project, once the engineers from Japan understood why the LC70 was important to the market, they could see why the automatic transmission would be beneficial to those who rely on it. However, the V8 could not make the transition to an automatic transmission, so they had to rethink their plan. They chose the GD from the Hilux and the transformation included gearing modifications and cooling to meet the demands of the Australian environment.

With people needing the truck for anything from rescue missions to transporting goods to remote locations, the benefit of an automatic transmission coupled with the GD from the HiLux would be instrumental in making travel smoother through sandy conditions and towing much easier.


Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model

Photo by Toyota

The Land Cruiser 70 Series comes with two transmission choices, depending on the engine option.

The 4.5 V8 is paired with a 5-speed manual (except for the WorkMate wagon model), and the 2.8 inline-4 is paired with a 6-speed automatic.

Transmission Gear Ratios
5-Speed Manual 1st 4.529; 2nd 2.294; 3rd 1.490; 4th 1.000; 5th 0.750; Reverse 4.313
6-Speed Automatic 1st 3.6000; 2nd 2.0903; 3rd 1.4883; 4th 1.000 5th 0.6876; 6th 0.5806; Reverse 3.7324

According to drive impressions by the crew at, the 4-cylinder is peppy compared to the sluggish, but efficient, V8. The automatic transmission in the GD has an extra ratio that benefits the acceleration and a 4.3:1 final drive.

There was a much larger difference between the two engines once they were set up with a tow test, which accentuated the automatic transmission’s ability for smooth shifting. Additionally, the V8 gave the testers some trouble coming out of a washout that required the drivers to use second gear without much improvement.

If nothing else, the switch to an automatic for towing can save a lot of money for those who may have been looking at an aftermarket conversion kit for their manual transmission.


Because the LC70 is still a working truck, the suspension might feel a bit stiff even though it has a double-wishbone front suspension with twin-tube shocks and a multi-link rear suspension.

Road Handling Ability

Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model

Photo by Toyota

It’s a Land Cruiser, so all eyes are on its off-road capabilities, and as the team found out, it’s perfectly capable of climbing and powering through the sand on their home turf: the outback.

With a 33º approach, a 33º departure angle, and a 23º break, it’s built to top some rugged terrain. Don’t forget that the Land Cruiser was the first vehicle to conquer Mount Fuji.

As for roadworthiness, as noted, the acceleration is good and the stiff suspension makes every mile a little bumpy. To help balance that out, the seats are more cushioned and comfortable. It does boast superb steering, and many people who’ve driven the inline-4 say that it’s better on the open road than the V8. Either way, it’s built more for off-road than cruising.

Driving Support & Safety System

Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model

Photo by Toyota

When it comes to the latest gadgets and gizmos on a car, Toyota is right up front leading the way with some innovative safety features, like the Toyota Safety Sense, and standard high-tech options. Bringing the Land Cruiser 70 Series up to date with a lot of the safety equipment has meant that all of the models are equipped with airbags, ABS, and seat belt warnings.

Curtain and driver knee airbags are standard in the wagon models, as well as reverse cameras.

In addition, they all have brake assist, vehicle stability control, hill-start assist, electronic brake force distribution, and active traction control. The automatics have downhill assist control. The Toyota Safety Sense package adds lane departure alerts, pre-collision safety with pedestrian detection, daytime cyclist detection and road sign assist. However, the only road signs it can read are speed limit signs.

When it comes to the multimedia packages every model has the same 6.7-inch screen, USB ports, 12V connectors, AM/FM with MP3 capability, Bluetooth® and Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. In addition, upgrades in trim levels bring four speakers to the sound system and USB charging ports.


Since the new LC70 doesn’t meet many of the safety and emissions standards in North America, don’t look for any of these workhorses to show up on a Toyota dealer’s lot. In fact, they may never get to market in the States. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a 70 Series since FLEX Automotive specializes in hard-to-get models.

FLEX Automotive Can Get You a Land Cruiser 70

As the largest Land Cruiser dealerships in Japan, the San Diego office has hands-on access to many Land Cruisers out of reach to the normal consumer. Whether you’re in the market for a 70 Series or any other Land Cruiser, you’ll find the FLEX team more than willing to help you customize your new Land Cruiser or build you something completely different from a newer model with their Renoca series. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary and the vehicle is 25 years or older, then give us a call or contact us through here. We’ll be right with you so you can start planning your new Land Cruiser.

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