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2024 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series Prices, Specs, and Pictures

Land Cruiser 70 Articles

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2024 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series Prices, Specs, and Pictures

Fans of the Land Cruiser 70 Series have been eagerly awaiting a new lineup for a long time, and Toyota didn’t disappoint. Beginning in the fall of 2023, the Land Cruiser 70 Series was back on the world stage in a big way. Not for everyone – the North American market will not see this model anytime soon –, but the Japanese market has something to get excited about.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70

With the new models come new prices, and this can change between the time of the order and when your delivery date rolls around. warns buyers that due to an unprecedented global demand, the extended wait time can create price fluctuations, as well as possible spec changes, which can affect the price. The promise from Toyota Motors is that they will do all they can to get your new LC70 to you as soon as possible and keep you apprised of any delivery issues.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model

Photo by Toyota

2024 Land Cruiser 70 Pricing

Even with the possibility of fluctuating prices, the MSRP for the new models is as follows:

2024 Model – All Prices in AU$* 1GD- 2.8L Automatic 1VD 4.5L Manual
76 Series WorkMate Wagon $75,600
76 Series GXL Wagon $79,800
78 Series Troop Carrier WorkMate $79,200 $83,300
78 Series Troop Carrier GLX $82,500 $86,600
79 Series Single Cab Chassis WorkMate $76,800 $80,900
79 Series Single Cab Chassis GX $78,800 $82,900
79 Series Single Cab Chassis GXL $80,900 $85,000
79 Series Double Cab Chassis WorkMate $79,300 $83,400
79 Series Double Cab Chassis GXL $83,500 $87,600

*Currency conversion as of 2024, $1.00 AUD = 101.978 ¥ = 0.66 USD | i.e. $75,600 AUD = 7,709,914 ¥ = $50,000 USD

Land Cruiser 70 Used Car Pricing

If you’re not interested in waiting on a new LC70, you could consider buying a used Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series. The prices can vary between $20,000 and $50,000 USD with the price differences due to the model, condition, year, and mileage of the vehicle. When purchasing a used LC70, remember, according to the NHTSA, it must be 25 years or older to import into the States.

Since the new 70 Series will not be available in the U.S. until 2049, it might be a good idea to look at a 1990s model to import or hire a Land Cruiser specialist like FLEX Automotive to do the heavy lifting for you. FLEX Automotive is the biggest Land Cruiser dealership in Japan and has a professional staff able to navigate the world of imports.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Specifications

Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model

Photo by Toyota

To meet the demands of the Australian market, who make up a large segment of the LC70 buyers, Toyota worked with the Toyota Australian engineering team to develop an even better 70 Series for the 2023 release.

Engine & Transmission

First and foremost, the new 70 Series is now available with an inline-4 and an automatic transmission. There are a few diehard fans who frown on those two things powering their favorite truck, but the Toyota team worked with real users in the outback and delivered a vehicle that could tow and haul through the rough terrain without losing power. This is a critical point when the users are taking lifesaving equipment to disaster sites.

This doesn’t mean the LC70 lost the manual V8; it just means another option was added to the lineup.

Engine Model – Diesel 1GD-FTV 1VD-FTV
Driveline PT 4WD PT 4WD
Transmission Flex Lockup Super Intelligent 6-speed automatic (6 Super ECT) 5-speed manual on all models except the WorkMate LC76
Maximum Output @3,400 RPMs 150 kW / 204 PS / 151 kW /
Maximum Torque 500 Nm / 51 kgf-m / 1,600 – 2,800 RPMs 430 Nm / 1,200 – 3,200 RPMs

The GXL model has central locking.

Fuel & Performance

Both engines are at their peak at 3,4000 RPMs, but you’ll feel the torque kick in at 1,200 RPMs with the V8, as opposed to 1,600 RPMs in the 4-cylinder.

The diesel fuel capacity is 130L in all models except the Troop Carrier, which has a 90L capacity fuel tank. Toyota states the V8 gets 10.7L/KM (25 MPG) and the 4-cylinder gets 9.6L/KM (22 MPG.)

As you know, towing and hauling can greatly diminish the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, so keep that in mind since the Land Cruiser is notorious for poor fuel efficiency on a good day.

Suspension, Steering & Brakes

The new Land Cruiser 70 Series is equipped with a hydraulic power steering system with the following radius:

  • Cab Chassis – 14.4M (47.2 ft.)
  • Troop Carrier – 13.6 M (44.6 ft.)
  • Wagon – 12.6 M (41.3 ft.)

All models have ABS disc brakes.

The suspension is as follows:

  • Front: Rigid live axle, coil springs, dampers
  • Rear: Rigid live axle, semi-elliptical leaf springs, dampers

Remember, this model hasn’t had much change since the mid-1980s, with the biggest change in 1998 as Toyota added coil springs, so compared to current more modern 4WDs, the LC70 is like driving a tank. It’s noisy; it’s rough; and it’s slow to respond to steering. Cornering is a strength test between you and the machine, and you bounce a lot. While Toyota does brag about the GXL having more comfortable seats, they are still not as comfortable as their competitors’ seats.

However, this is a workhorse, and work is what it’s built for. It’s indestructible and reliable, which makes the minor discomforts worth owning one.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model

Photo by Toyota

Dimensions & Capacity

Land Cruiser 70 Model Single Cab Cab Chassis Double Cab Cab Chassis Wagon Troop Carrier
WorkMate GX GXL WorkMate GXL WorkMate GXL WorkMate GXL
Land Cruiser 70 Model Overall length (mm) 5253 5235 5245 5235 5235 4865 4910 5235 5245
Overall width (mm) 1790 1870 1870 1790 1870 1800 1870 1800 1800
Qverall height (mm) 1970 1955 1955 1960 1945 1955 1940 2115 2115
Wheelbase (mm) 3180 3180 3180 3180 3180 2730 2730 2980 2980
Front Track (mm) 1515 1555 1555 1515 1555 1515 1555 1515 1515
Rear TracK (mm) 1420 1460 1460 1420 1460 1420 1460 1420 1420
Running Clearance(mm) 330 316 316 317 302 305 290 317 315
Curb Weight (KG) MT 2205 2190 2195 2260 2240 2355 2410 2450
AT 2145 2130 2130 2200 2185 2230 2300 2360 2395
Gross Vehicle Mass(KG) 3510 3510 3510 3510 3510 3510 3510 3510 3510
Gross Combined Mass (KG) 7010 7010 7010 7010 7010 7010 7010 7010 7010

Comfort & Convenience

All models are equipped with AC and storage compartments in the console, as well as a spacious glove box.

Don’t look for things like power windows, unless it’s the GXL model.

For convenience, there is a center console and cup holder to keep your coffee secure during morning commutes and a door pocket bottle holder, so your cold beverage is always within reach. There are very few upgrades beyond this as far as extras are concerned.


Since you already know how rough the ride can feel compared to other 4WDs, Toyota did try to buffer that with better padding in the seats and cloth seats in the GXL that can dampen some of the noise. The remaining models all have the same familiar vinyl interior that is easy to clean, and since you may spend all of your time in the dirt anyway, this is a good feature to have for this vehicle.

Front bucket seats can be combined with a second-row bench seat in all models but the WorkMate Troop Carrier and the single cab trucks.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model

Photo by Toyota


The exterior hasn’t changed much in 30 years, but the LC70 has a sturdier look to it thanks to the expansion of the engine compartment in the inline-4 model.

Additionally, Toyota mounted a snorkel further up on the A-pillar to get it above the dirt and dust. The front bumper is designed for maximum approach – 33º – and the windshield is wide for the best view from the front seat. It also has LED running and night lamps for maximum visibility and reach at dark.

Depending on the model, there may be chrome door handles, a black radiator grille, or over-fender flares.

All models sport 16” wheels with all WorkMate and Troop Carrier models being steel, and the other models are alloy.


Part of the LC70 redesign includes safety features like ABS brakes and airbags. A collapsible steering column helps protect you from injury, as do the side intrusion beams in the doors. There are child restraint anchors in the 5-door wagons.

The rigid frame is designed to add another layer of protection.

Entertainment & Communication

Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model

Photo by Toyota

Even though it’s 2024, don’t expect the Land Cruiser 70 Series to lose its utilitarian persona, even in the multimedia department.

All of the models are equipped with a 6.7-inch color touchscreen display, but only the GXL has USB charging ports. All models have USB multimedia input ports, though. Two speakers deliver the sounds from your AM/FM/MP3 radio, and the Wagon and Troop Carrier GLX models have a total of four speakers. Don’t look for a CD player, though.

The tech developments include the addition of Bluetooth®, Apple CarPlay®, and Android Auto™, so you can stay connected while out chasing adventure in the most remote areas. Those additions might be the only features with a “2024 feel” to them. All models come equipped with an engine immobilizer that ensures no one can drive your 70 Series without your permission.

Other features include a front guard-mounted antenna and a 12V accessory connector.

ADAS Feature

Toyota equipped the LC70 with their legendary Toyota Safety Sense suite of protection, by adding driver-assist technology to this workhorse.

You’ll find all of the new 70 Series equipped with Lane Departure Alert, alongside Pre-collision Safety Sensors, and Road Sign Assist capable of reading speed limit signs and projecting the information to your dash.

Images of the new Land Cruiser 70

Here is a first look at the new Land Cruiser 70 Series.

All photos by Toyota

Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2024 model

How can I get a Land Cruiser 70 series?

While the new 70 Series is not going to make it to the States due to it not meeting the emissions standards, you can buy a 70 Series that’s 25 years or older by searching for a used LC70 that suits your needs. If you’re not sure or want assistance in getting a used 70 Series, we can help. We’re the largest Land Cruiser dealerships in Japan and have access to a wide range of vehicles. If you want something newer with a retro feel, then our Renoca series may be exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today for more assistance.

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